Artist Statement

Through my work I seek to reconnect humanity with a reverence for nature and the objects that surround our lives.  I explore forms, techniques, and materials as a way to express this.  My primary medium is wood.  I am drawn to its organic, individualistic qualities, intrinsic value, and socio-historic importance.  In so many ancient cultures Trees were revered or worshiped.  I believe this to be an important aspect of our relationship with the material that has been made less important by modern production techniques and plasticized consumerism.  With my choice of tools and techniques I am at once both free and tasked to explore and discover the individual qualities of the material, its history, and its future.  With my hands I can lead the shape of what the material wants to become, in a way guiding it along its journey of life.  This process to me is profoundly important, as it allows the narrative between maker and material to flourish.  I leave my mark on the material to show history and intertwine our past, present, and future.  Armed with a frugal selection of these emotionally laden raw materials I seek to build a world within a world, serving as a vessel for the viewer to interact and forget oneself during the daily grind of tasks like eating and preparing food or working.  My goal is to create works with quiet yet powerful emotional impact, utilizing the lessons learned both at the conscious and intuitive level. Part of the real power of a piece, when successful, is the unity and harmony of the visual form with the tactile form. Such a piece can give quiet joy every time it is experienced, the shape and balance speaking quietly yet firmly.